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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I convert files using the Wham sound program?

You can download the Wham sound program from any of my sound pages. Bacially, this is what you do to convert AU files to WAV (or WAV to AU) format:
1. Run the WHAM program.
2. Click Open in the file menu
3. For the "List of File Type" choose Sun/Next Sound
4. Click on the AU file and open it
5. Click on "Save as" in the file menu
6. For the "List of File Type" choose RIFF Waveform
7. Enter a filename with a wav extension (example spock.wav) and click ok

Where are all of the WAV files? I want to use them for my Windows 95 event sounds.

I'm sorry that all of the sounds are not in WAV format. AU format takes up less space, and since I'm limited to server space, I usually choose the AU format. If you want the files in WAV format, refer to question #1 (converting sound files).

I have a problem viewing the sound pages. Why can't I see them?

When you email me please include your type of internet browser and the version number. Also include a decription of what you see and can't see on a sound page.

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